Wrong dns listed

dns listed is wrong

wrong name listed ? listed is tomjelencomcast.com and should be tomjelenphoto.com

Have you tried changing the selected ZONE here?

As far as I see, the domain tomjelenphoto.com is not purchased from Cloudflare, therefore you will probably not find it in the billing section. But as it uses Cloudflares NS you will find it in the list of your zones if it belongs to your package.

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I looked and change the page to tomjelen photo.com the name servers seem to be ok I still receive a 403 FORBIDDEN error when queried the page

thank you for your help tj

and also I found this but it is in all Japanese and I have no idea how this was reg to this site but me how can I delete it ?

I’m asking for a refund thru PayPal

This is the only thing Cloudflare is responsible for in your case.

This error is the response from your server behind Cloudflare and Cloudflare just transfers what the origin server is creating. This error therefore is getting generated at your origin server and does not have anything to do with Cloudflare.

You are welcome!

I dont see any japanese on this screenshot.

Dont understand why, because Cloudflare works just perfectly fine. But its up to you.

Thanks for your help
I went through Vodahost and within 24 hours
is up an running after over ten days of trying to recover tomjelenphoto.com with couldflare.com

@tomjelen, are you asking for a refund from paypal because you registered the wrong domain name? Our team can assist you, let us know here or on the ticket.

NO because the whole transaction was taken to a third party whom I could not communicate with and a so called front company CF who was absolutely no help at all and one endless loop of bot mail.
How can CF expect to attract paying customers when the service sucks.
So I lost 17.00 dollars I guess but you have the reputation of service that sucks.

YES I’m asking for a refund thru Pay Pal that’s where I paid thinking I would have my name registered.

What third-party?

@tomjelen I’ve added myself to the active ticket 2268927, that conversation has been going on for a couple of weeks.

Are you referencing a different ticket, the team is assisting you on 2268927 and I’ll close this conversation here.

I hope not. As I mentioned, if you registered an incorrect domain name and you are seeking a refund, let the team know so that and they can assist you.