Wrong Content-Type issue when try to deploy Vue SPA to Cloudflare Pages

Hello Cloudflare Community!

I wanted to share an issue that some of us have been experiencing with Cloudflare Pages related to the MIME type for JavaScript files. It appears that in some cases, JavaScript (.js) files hosted on Cloudflare Pages are being served with an incorrect MIME type of text/html, causing issues with script execution in the browser.

The same issue have been discussed at https://community.cloudflare.com/t/wrong-content-type-added-to-cloudflare-pages-site/373967 thread. But no one suggested an solution for this. I’m trying to deploy an Vue + TS app here.

is this something wrong with my configuration or it’s a bug with cloudflare pages?
( I’ve deployed a same project on netlify, (https://www.netlify.com) and working fine)