Wrong cloudflare ns how do i change to the correct ns?

Hi all,

I need some help getting my ns setup correct. I got an email saying that i should use two ns servers at Cloudflare, jermaine and joyce. I then when into my current DNS provider and changed to those ns. Later when logging in i get the message that the once i’ve been assigned is two other ns, damien and heather. But since my site isn’t validated i cannot seem to change my ns. Is there any way around this?

Site is nordic-magic.com

Regards, Emil

That would suggest the domain has been added to two Cloudflare accounts.

It currently is active for jermaine and joyce. Which nameservers are shown on your Cloudflare account right now?


Hi Sandro,

I only have one account. When logging into Cloudflare i get on the overview i get a message saying i should log into my registrar and change from jermaine and joyce to damien and heather and that nordic-magic.com is not yet active on Cloudflare. However the site resolved correctly.

Is there any way of finding out if there is a second account?

Can you post a screenshot of the nameserver part at https://dash.cloudflare.com/?to=/:account/:zone/dns?

These are clearly not the nameservers currently set up. Where did you take the others from?

My friend who owns the site got them in an email from Kajabi.

That’s the second account. If you want to manage the domain on this account you should change the nameservers to the ones mentioned.

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This is my friends account i’m showing the screenshot from. I will ask him for the email to double check the information.

Well, you first need to figure out what you want to configure where and then make the necessary adjustments. Posting random screenshots is not exactly helpful of course.

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Random screenshots? I posted the screenshot you asked me and nothing else.

I asked for a screenshot of the account where you want to manage it and you posted it from someone else’s account.

No i posted a screenshot from where it should be managed. But i appreciate the information that it seems to be the wrong account that at least gives me a lead on were to look next. This is what happens when you try to clean up from someone elses mistakes.

If you want to manage it from that account you will need to set the nameservers shown there and the information you received is correct and the domain is not properly configured right now. Just switch the nameservers and make sure the records are in order as well.

Yes i get that part. The problem is finding the account that actually manages the ns at the moment. I will try to find out and post back here when i know more.

That’s not a Cloudflare account, that’s your registrar.

It was Kajabis Cloudflare ns that was referenced. Everything sorted out. Thanks for the pointers.

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