Wrong Cloudflare nameservers set. Need a human looking at this

I accidentally entered the wrong nameservers when transitioning a domain. Fortunately they are Cloudflare nameservers, but unfortunately the wrong ones. I can’t fix this at my previous registrar as it set there as outgoing transfer. I sent a ticket #3206486 and received only a bot response. I answered to the response, but this seems to get ignored. I need to resolve this issue quickly. What do I have to do that a human will look at this?

I’m a human and looking at it right now, give me a few minutes and I’ll drop another reply.

Hi @empa.hq I will flag your ticket 3206486 and this topic for my Registrar colleagues.

I suspect the site was removed and re-added while the transfer was in process. That causes a different pair of nameservers to be assigned. I’ll need my colleagues on the Registrar team to investigate and assist. Sorry for the troubles.

Yes this is exactly what happened. I accidentally removed the entry and then re added it, not knowing that there will new nameservers will be assigned. This was my screw-up. I apologize!

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Not an issue, my Registrar colleagues can assist with setting the nameservers. Sorry for the issues.


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