Wrong Cloudflare Datacenter


I’ve noticed that while using with some Colombia ISP it’s connecting to Cloudflare’s MIA Datacenter instead of Bogotá or Medellin, which causes super high latency. Sometimes connecting via provided modem (which can’t be usser modified) goes to MIA and others to BOG, also happens with Wi-Fi Mesh.

This happens with Telmex Colombia S.A (A.K.A Claro Colombia) and ETB Mobile.

So you’re telling me that I’m far away from the servers that are on my own city and the ones which my own ISPs uses?

Well… It wouldn’t surprise me but it’s really sad.

Here’s some more information that may help your ISP troubleshoot. There’s a section about routing.

What sdayman is saying is true, but I believe he is accidentally misleading you

It’s quite possible that you will be routed to Bogotá (BOG) or Medellín (MDE), but it appears that those PoPs are being re-routed at the moment (probably due to maintenance or something)

This is visible on the Cloudflare status page https://www.cloudflarestatus.com/

(as I was writing this BOG and MDE changed their status to Operational)

Well that maybe huge part of the problem but it’s been since I discovered 1⁴ that I only noticed till I realized some games and applications were connecting to NA servers, like half year.

(Checked and still connected to MIA)

I mean, it’s probably a big ISP problem, that they mostly won’t bother fixing.

Well, thank to both of you.

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How are you checking which PoP you are being routed to?

Is it the same as what is displayed on https://www.cloudflare.com/cdn-cgi/trace?