Wrong category on radar?

I seem to be able to add categories on the radar page, but unable to suggest an incorrect tag.
Here is an example:
Discovery Plus is a streaming service but somebody flagged it as Questionable Activities how do we challenge an seemingly incorrect tag?

Hi @ebcrypto,

If you find the incorrect category in the list below, you should be able to click to deselect it. You can then submit the feedback with that one removed.

Are you able to do that? Because I can’t. I can only deselect something I just added.

Yes, it lets me deselect the current categories. That’s odd that you can’t.

It’s deselectable. I just did it in a Private window.

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Oh got it, thank you! I was clicking on the tag at the bottom on the screen. But yes, if I click on the tag within the category, I can indeed deselect. Thanks!


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