Writing to existing KV key, slow?

It seems that on average, it takes 1 second to overwrite an existing key.

Is this to be expected, or just temporary?

“Up to one write per second per key” I believe that is the expected.

I interpreted it as not having to wait for the write to happen, but sure.

Maybe, it is the cost of global propagation and consistency.

But it’s been said that even if we “await” a KV write, it will still take ~10 sec before it’s global.

So why would a write to the current node KV take 1 sec?

(I’m writing from workers)

Purely speculative:
Write(Core Nodes) -> Replicated (Edge Nodes)

This would create the lag.
Have you test via API?

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Yeah, I’ve also suspected that to be the case, but would be nice to have it confirmed.

API is also ~1 sec

Updating Namespace did it speed up in worker writing and reading?

Yes, by a lot, write speed doubled, reading has basically no delay now.