Wrangler tail no longer works


I have been using ‘wrangler 1.16.0-durable-objects-rc.0’ to test out durable objects.

Wrangler tail no longer work for me.

Setting up log streaming from Worker script “xxxx-worker”. Using ports 8080 and 8081.
This may take a few seconds…
Use cloudflared tunnel run to start tunnel bf6366b3-a182-487e-b28b-589ac6832fac
Closing tail session…
Error: Could not extract tunnel url from cloudflared

I switched to ‘wrangler 1.16.0’ and I have the same problem.

:arrow_forward: cloudflared --version
cloudflared version 2021.1.5 (built 2021-01-18-1223 UTC)

Any help appreciated.

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And to answer my own question.

Digging into Cloudflared I found some config that was causing this. There was a tunnel with ingress that I had deleted using the cli but it still existed in the config.xml in ~/.cloudflared.

Leaving this hear for anyone who see an error like this from wrangler tail.

I’m facing the same (or a similar) issue and posted it here: `wrangler tail` doesn't work when using Durable Objects

For reference here is my cloudflared/config.yml content:

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