`wrangler tail` doesn't work when using Durable Objects

It seems that wrangler tail doesn’t work in projects that also use Durable Objects. This issue in combination with the Quick Edit being broken makes it mostly impossible to debug an application and is a hard blocker for me using Cloudflare Workers.


  1. Clone the official example repo: GitHub - cloudflare/durable-objects-template
  2. Fill in account_id in wrangler.toml
  3. Adjust the request entry point to add logging
export default {
  async fetch(request, env) {
    console.log(`Request ${request.url}`)
    return await handleRequest(request, env)
  1. Do an initial deploy: wrangler publish --new-class Counter
  2. Start tailing the logs wrangler tail
  3. Make some requests to the deployed endpoint and notice no logs showing up in the terminal. There is no error visible, just no logs showing up.


  • The setup above assumes this Wrangler version: wrangler 1.16.0-durable-objects-rc.0 and this cloudflared version: cloudflared version 2021.4.0 (built 2021-04-07-2048 UTC)
  • wranger tail works for me when using wrangler 1.16.1 but not in combination with Durable Objects.

If @KentonVarda doesn’t happen upon this thread, your best bet is:

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Thanks, I’ve already joined the Discord community and re-posted the problem there as well. :pray:

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Works fine for me with durable object with version 1.16.0-durable-objects-rc.0.

It does not work if you try to output the log in JSON, could that be your problem?

Thanks for your response. If possible for you: Could you please share a small reproducible example which logging working in combination with durable objects?

Regarding logging JSON values: No, as described in the reproduction above, I’m just logging string values.

Try deploying the chat worker, I can tail that one.

wrangler tail ⏎
:peacock: Setting up log streaming from Worker script “chat-worker”. Using ports 8080 and 53861.
Now prepared to stream logs.

Unfortunately, this is a known issue. wrangler tail and wrangler dev still don’t work for durable objects. This is on our list to fix during the beta.