Wrangler’s --asset pricing?

I have a site that I’d like to run fully on Cloudflare Workers. I’m trying to convert from using Cloudflare’s dashboard’s quick edit function to wrangler.

I stumbled upon the experimental --assets feature while reading the docs, which is something different than --site.

--site is based on Workers KV, says the docs. But I have no idea if --assets also is.

I’m wondering if assets served with --assets are priced like regular Workers requests, or if an unmentioned-in-the-docs billing surprise is to be expected if it’s priced like Workers KV.

Having waded through the 11 pages of wrangler 2’s changelog, this change hints that it’s indeed using Workers KV.

--experimental-public is an abstraction over Workers Sites

--experimental-public (the old name for --assets, the even-older name being --public) is said here to be an abstraction over Workers Sites. I’m guessing it probably inherits Workers KV’s pricing too.