Wrangler publish used to work for months but now giving error at "Deleting stale files" every time

We are using Cloudflare Workers to deploy a static website. It worked for months, but now it’s giving various errors:

✨  Built successfully, built project size is 14 KiB.
πŸŒ€  Using namespace for Workers Site "***********-workers_sites_assets"
✨  Success
πŸŒ€  Uploading site files
✨  Successfully published your script to
 ************** => stayed the same

πŸ’  Deleting stale files...
Error: ⚠️  Code 10033: bulk put: 'Invalid expiration of 1647638657. Please specify integer greater than the current number of seconds since the UNIX epoch.'

Also had this multiple times:

πŸ’  Deleting stale files...
Error: error sending request for url (https://api.cloudflare.com/client/v4/accounts/************/storage/kv/namespaces/************/values/static/js/*************.map): operation timed out

According to https://www.cloudflarestatus.com/ all systems operational. Any suggestion how to debug and solve this issue?


This is an issue in the wrangler tool, you can follow it here: Expiration changes hanging deploys Β· Issue #2224 Β· cloudflare/wrangler Β· GitHub