Wrangler publish returns 500 error

My Cloudflare worker deployments using wrangler have suddenly started to return errors:

CF_API_TOKEN=token npx wrangler publish --env prod-ie

And prod-ie is defined in wrangler.toml as follows:

zone_id = "ZONE_ID"
vars = { ENVIRONMENT = "production" }
routes = [

I have checked that the authentication token has required privileges to edit workers. When I run the command, the following output is displayed:

Warning: webpack's output filename is being renamed to worker.js because of requirements from the Workers runtime
✨  Built successfully, built project size is 1 KiB.
Error: Something went wrong! Status: 500 Internal Server Error, Details {
  "result": null,
  "success": false,
  "errors": [
      "code": 10013,
      "message": "workers.api.error.unknown"
  "messages": []

Any clues what I should do to get publishing working again?

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I tried it again after some time, and now publishing works properly. It was some internal error on Cloudflare’s side.

I’m seeing this issue too. Are we observing the Cloudflare API rate limit here? If so, it would be helpful if Cloudflare returned rate limiting info, and if Wrangler displayed this.

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