`wrangler publish` returning 500

When I run wrangler publish, Wrangler returns a 500 error. I have been trying this intermittently for the past week and it has not yet succeeded. I have a production system running on Workers that I cannot update due to this bug.

Ticket 2191960

πŸŒ€  Using namespace for Workers Site "__unicart-workers_sites_assets"
✨  Success
πŸŒ€  Uploading site files
Error: Something went wrong! Status: 500 Internal Server Error, Details {
  "result": null,
  "success": false,
  "errors": [
      "code": 10013,
      "message": "workers.api.error.unknown"
  "messages": []

This potentially sounds like this bug: Vague message when setting a text binding with a matching name to an existing secret Β· Issue #1222 Β· cloudflare/wrangler Β· GitHub

Would check if your text binding shares the same name as your secret - and if so, then delete the secret. Steps to do this are highlighted in that GitHub issue link.

However, send me a note if that’s not the case: [email protected]

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