Wrangler publish Error: Something went wrong! Status: 429 Too Many Requests, Details error code: 1015


Publishing a worker with CLI from my PRoduction account gives Error: Something went wrong! Status: 429 Too Many Requests, Details error code: 1015 or Error: Something went wrong! Status: 408 Request Timeout, Details stream timeout.
It works well on another account with a free plan we use for stage.

example: wrangler publish --env production
Built successfully, built project size is 3 KiB.
Error: Something went wrong! Status: 429 Too Many Requests, Details error code: 1015

Has somebody an idea?

408 Request Timeout ( RFC7231 )

The origin server did not receive the complete request in what it considers a reasonable time.

  • Implied the server does not wish to wait and continue the connection.
  • Not used much because servers typically choose to use the “close” connection option.

429 Too Many Requests ( RFC6585 )

Client has sent too many requests in the specified amount of time according to the server. Often known as “rate-limiting”. Server may respond with information allowing the requester to retry after a specific period of time.

Cloudflare will generate and send this status code when a request is being rate limited. If visitors to your site are receiving these error codes, you will be able to see this in the Rate Limiting Analytics.

Error 1015: You are being rate limited

Common cause

The site owner implemented Rate Limiting that affects your visitor traffic.

Unable to purge is another 1015 error code relating to Cloudflare cache purge. Retry the cache purge and contact Cloudflare support if errors persist.


  • If you are a site visitor, contact the site owner to request exclusion of your IP from rate limiting.
  • If you are the site owner, review Cloudflare Rate Limiting thresholds and adjust your Rate Limiting configuration.
  • If your Rate Limiting blocks requests in a short time period (i.e. 1 second) try increasing the time period to 10 seconds.

If you expect a new Cloudflare Worker to exceed rate limits, refer to the Workers documentation for guidance.

May I request the link to what website this is having an issue on? Let’s see which error I get! I hope I can help!

Send the code.

Thank for the answer but that error do not concern any website but the cli when I deploy a worker on my account.

Thanks for the answer, not code related.
Example if I follow this example: https://developers.cloudflare.com/workers/platform/sites/start-from-scratch
Also get the error, it is account related, but the support does not help me.

It is related to the fact that you do have already hit the ratelimit (Error Code 1015) for Workers.
Ratelimit for workers are documented here:

What Supportlevel have you purchased?

Hello, thanks for the answer, we have a paid plan and do you think that limit impact deployment, we get that error from the first deployment, we have to do it manually from the UI but does not work on CLI.
It is not the website getting 429 but from the CLI when we deploy. We don t understand which limit we reach at that point.

If you have a paid plan and you created a Ticket, please post the Ticketnumber/#id here, so some people can lock into the problem.

So the error does not occur when you deploy the worker?

The error occur on worker deployment only

So when you try to deploy you get the error?