Wrangler preview tells me to upgrade to Workers Unlimited


I’m trying to get my feet wet with the Cloudflare edge workers and was trying to get my personal blog on workers.dev by following the tutorial.

While it seemed a breeze, I got to the point to preview… where I hit a snag.

$ wrangler preview
added 2 packages from 2 contributors and audited 2 packages in 1.127s
found 0 vulnerabilities

⬇️ Installing wranglerjs...
npm notice created a lockfile as package-lock.json. You should commit this file.
npm WARN [email protected] No description
npm WARN [email protected] No repository field.
npm WARN optional SKIPPING OPTIONAL DEPENDENCY: [email protected] (node_modules/fsevents):
npm WARN optional SKIPPING OPTIONAL DEPENDENCY: Error: EACCES: permission denied, rename '/home/vi/.cache/.wrangler/wranglerjs-ce86f6d58ec57226/node_modules/.staging/fsevents-8bad296e/node_modules/rc' -> '/home/vi/.cache/.wrangler/wranglerjs-ce86f6d58ec57226/node_modules/.staging/rc-b0b9c677'

added 323 packages from 198 contributors and audited 4225 packages in 20.794s
found 0 vulnerabilities

⬇️ Installing wasm-pack...
 Built successfully, built project size is 11 KiB.
Error: You will need to enable Workers Unlimited for your account before you can use this feature.

While the tutorial doesn’t mention anything in particular in the prerequisites (or perhaps I overlooked :slight_smile:), why do I need to upgrade my account? I’m assuming the KV storage? Or is there more about it, the error output isn’t very helpful…

Are you using KV? If so, yes that will require a paid plan.

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I just started dabbling with workers so I’m not 100% what’s what yet. The tutorial I linked above does not mention KV and the error message isn’t particularly descriptive.
Since KV is the most obvious difference between free and paid, I am guessing the tutorial project uses it?

The tutorial in question refers to “Workers Sites”, which do need a paid plan.

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