Wrangler preview in remote machine

I am developing on a remote machine via SSH and I cannot use the command “wrangler preview --watch” because I don’t have a browser (only a command line).

Is it possible to use my local machine’s browser?

I have the same problem, was thinking of creating an issue about this.

What OS are you using locally, and what OS on the remote machine?

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In my case, Mac locally and Linux remotely.

One option, which is a bit tricky, and isn’t wrangler-specific, is to use X-11 forwarding. You install XQuartz (or an equivalent program), and then pass -X to ssh when connecting. If you google around you may find instructions that work for you.

I am using Linux in remote (no X11) and Linux in local machine. The problem is that i don’t have a https://cloudflareworkers.com/ session id.