Wrangler page deployment generates a new URL and deployment on the same branch

When I deploy to Cloudflare Pages using wrangler-action, it always generates a new URL and deployment, even when deploying to the same branch specified with --branch. Is this normal? Should I be concerned about having so many deployments with the same branch name, and do I need to manually delete each one? Is there any way to automate the deletion process?

Yep. That’s how Pages works, we make every deployment available so you can go through them.

Nope. It has no impact other than allowing you to view them.

Nah, no need.

Sure. You could write a Worker or cron job script or other to go through and delete through the API

If you want a static URL, each branch has its own, if you deployed to say “staging” it’d be “staging.{project}.pages.dev”
Then production is of course available at the constant “{project}.pages.dev”

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