Wrangler KV Bulk import

Hi Guys,

After solving an issue with redirection workers script (Redirects using KV to store redirect map - #10 by adaptive). I am having difficulty using wrangler to bulk import the key values.

The test bulk import file is failing when the value contains json format.


{ "key": "/testfourten/", "value": "{ "code": 410 }" }, 
{ "key": "/testredirect2/", "value": "{ "dest": "https://test.com/test/", "code": 301 }"}


The wrangler error is:

Error: Failed to decode JSON. Please make sure to follow the format, [{“key”: “test_key”, “value”: “test_value”}, …]

Does anyone know if this is a known limitation with wrangeler kv:bulk ?

Using wrangler to put the key and value directly stripped the leading trailing slashes from the key (pathname). If that worked I was thinking of using a foreach loop to add the keys and values from a CSV

Any insights appreciated

The JSON you posted is not valid JSON. You should double check what you are sending.

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