Wrangler Errors

Hello Everyone!

I recently began having some errors while testing with wrangler.
When I use Dev, I get Error: error sending request for url (https://example.com/cdn-cgi/workers/preview/?s0=reallyLongString): error trying to connect: The message received was unexpected or badly formatted. (os error -2146893018)
and when I use tail, I get:

Setting up log streaming from Worker script "myworker". Using ports 8080 and 8081.
Closing tail session...
Error: Could not extract tunnel url from cloudflared.

I have updated both Cloudflared(2021.3.1) and Wrangler(1.16.1), and both of these have worked before. Are there any settings I am forgetting?

To confirm, is your domain on Cloudflare? and is it trying to connect to a subdomain there (that you removed for privacy perhaps)? Furthermore, is your root domain a proxied record at Cloudflare?

Domain is on Cloudflare. Worker is on subdomain, but URL above referred to root domain. Root Domain is proxied by Cloudflare.
Sorry, just realized I should probably have tagged you @Judge.