Wrangler dev

I have error in console, when tried open localhost

or another

I’ve tested using the first code example locally and I see no errors. I can see defer-test added to <script> elements on my test page.

What version of Wrangler are you running? wrangler -v

I use the latest version :partly_sunny: wrangler 3.2.0. The first I think ti problem on wrangler . I reinstall the package, clear cash. Nothing. Maybe it in operating system issue. I have window 10 in my pc and window 11 in laptop. I tried in all machines and got same error.

I’m using macOS and have tested on wrangler 3.1.2 and 3.2.0 without issue.

Suggest opening an issue on GitHub. Will help if you create a public repository with the code you’re having issue with so others can test

Thanks for the advice. I think will try Ubuntu. It problem in windows.