Wrangler claims to successfully publish but doesn't actually update workers

I’ve been setting up Github Actions to trigger Wrangler to publish updates to our Cloudflare Workers code, and I’m seeing Wrangler claim to have successfully published, yet revisiting the code in the Cloudflare Dashboard, my updates aren’t visible there.

I tried manually running Wrangler, and saw the same behavior – Wrangler claims success, but no update. Then I reran Wrangler manually, and this time saw my changes appear in the Cloudflare Dash.

This feels like it might be a transient issue. I have been successfully updating Workers code throughout this week. Yesterday, there were some availability issues with the dashboard (reported on the status page), but I don’t see any known outages today.

Anyone else seeing this?

Thanks in advance,
Frank Shotwell

I’ve been seeing this the last ~week, only way to get it to update is updating manually in the Dashboard and then push via Wrangler again, which then works.

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