Wrangler claims to successfully publish but doesn't actually update workers

I’ve been setting up Github Actions to trigger Wrangler to publish updates to our Cloudflare Workers code, and I’m seeing Wrangler claim to have successfully published, yet revisiting the code in the Cloudflare Dashboard, my updates aren’t visible there.

I tried manually running Wrangler, and saw the same behavior – Wrangler claims success, but no update. Then I reran Wrangler manually, and this time saw my changes appear in the Cloudflare Dash.

This feels like it might be a transient issue. I have been successfully updating Workers code throughout this week. Yesterday, there were some availability issues with the dashboard (reported on the status page), but I don’t see any known outages today.

Anyone else seeing this?

Thanks in advance,
Frank Shotwell

I’ve been seeing this the last ~week, only way to get it to update is updating manually in the Dashboard and then push via Wrangler again, which then works.


We are experiencing the same issue but changing the worker manually in the dashboard and then deploying again doesn’t help, the Wrangler deployment doesn’t change the worker. Do you have any other tips what we could try?

While investigating this bug, we made a weird observation:

  • When the initially created worker didn’t work, we created a second one and deployed it successfully with Wrangler.
  • We then deleted the first worker and changed the second worker’s name and route to the first one’s in the dashboard.
  • When we deployed the second worker afterwards with the new name and route, the worker was again not updated.
  • As mentioned above, we afterwards also tried replacing the worker with the hello world snippet and then deploying again the actual code, unfortunately without success.

CC @KentonVarda for visibility.

After more testing, it looks as though the Worker name might be the issue.

We assume that maybe during the deployment process some artifacts don’t get deleted or that somewhere else something doesn’t get updated.

As soon as we reuse the old name for a new Worker, updates don’t go through anymore.

The exact same route, however, we can use again with a new Worker without any issues.

p.s.: We are using Wrangler with Webpack, in case that could make a difference.

Hi @user6251,

Could you please file a support ticket?