Wrangler bug?

Wrangler BUG


I updated to wrangler 1.8.0 via cargo install wrangler --force. Confirmed with wrangler --version.

I’m attempting to use the per-environment vars as described at: https://developers.cloudflare.com/workers/tooling/wrangler/configuration/


vars = {
  VAR_A = "beer",
  VAR_B = "water"

Unfortunately, I get the following for wrangler publish ...

$ wrangler publish --env "dev"
Error: expected a table key, found a newline at line 14 column 9 in wrangler.toml

If I remove the carriage returns from the vars declaration, it works fine. But this is pretty ugly. Perhaps this is a DOS/Unix CR/CRLF thing?

[edit] rustc is at 1.41.0

I’m having the same issue…

The docs specify this for vars:

vars = {
  FOO = "0f2ac74b498b48028cb68387c421e279",
  BAR = "068c101e168d03c65bddf4ba75150fb0"


Seems a bug. I reported it: https://github.com/cloudflare/wrangler/issues/1159