Wrangler Authentication Error

Hi, I’ve been using Workers for a few months, I use to successfully push my changes to the live site, but today, I’m getting this error, nothing has changed from my side, not sure why I’m getting this error.

Error: [ApiError { code: 10000, message: “Authentication error”, other: {} }]

I’ve validated my account ID and Zone ID, It was working till yesterday, not sure what happened today.

I’m using unlimited workers plan, is there any way to debug it and fix it?

[email protected]:~/projects/home-app$ wrangler publish --env production
Error: [ApiError { code: 10000, message: "Authentication error", other: {} }]


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is this error still live?

Yes, it is. And this is also reproduced everywhere Github Action cloudflare/wrangler-action.
The stderr make Github handle the action failed even if succeeded.