WPRocket and Cloudflare optimization

I have installed and setup WPRocket and the Cloudflare integration. I noticed that there are some duplicated settings, like auto-minifying CSS, HTML, JS and early hints. Is it better to set these up on Cloudflare and leave them blank on WPRocket? Use them both? Use just WPRocket’s settings?



Thank you for asking.

True. I’d say from my experience, what I do is I am using Cloudflare for my domains to levarage the job and have less tasks to do which would otherwise my web server/origin host had to do if I wouldn’t be using Cloudflare :slight_smile:
Therefore, it means I have Auto-Minify options and similar Speed optimizations turned on at Cloudflare, meaning I don’t have them enabled “duplicated” on my WordPress instance as it’s no need to.

I am not experienced with WPRocket, nor using it, so cannot tell much.

However, I remember there were topics about WP Rocket + Cloudflare, therefore I suggest you to look up at the below articles in that terms just in case if you’d have some issue later - but you might not have or experience them. Some do, so I’d just like to share them below in case if happens in future:

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I am using wp rocket with Cloudflare. So mostly you should use there integration because it purges the cache but if you are using the Cloudflare plugin than turn off the integration. Both will do the job

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