WPML Multi-domain Compatibility for APO


We’re using WPML and instead of putting each language in a subdomain, we have each language as a separate domain (e.g. eu, fr, de, nl, etc.) and we have about 10 of them. It is a single WordPress install, but on Cloudflare we have them each as a separate “website” under the one account. We don’t want to pay for 10 APOs for one website, so I am wondering if it is possible to pay for one APO and have it work for all of the domains?



APO is included in all paid plans, and a paid addon to a free plan. Each plan covers a “zone”, that is, a domain and its subdomains. If you had a setup with fr.example.com, en.example.com and so on, it would be covered by just one plan, therefore by just one APO subscription. But since you have each language on a separate top domain, you’d need an APO subscription for each, I’m afraid.

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