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My hosting is with WPEngine and I have a valid SSL certificate from them as well. I get these errors when I try to access my site. The only Cloudflare SSL settings I have enabled is SSL and it’s set to Full Strict per WPEngine’s recommendation when they host the SSL cert. Thoughts?

This page isn’t working

tecinv.com redirected you too many times.

  • [Try clearing your cookies]


If I get this error next.

This site can’t provide a secure connection

tecinv.com uses an unsupported protocol.


Hi @tony10, the site loads fine from what I can see. But, I’m a bit confused, which error are were you seeing with which ssl settings?

This tip may help, Community Tip - Fixing ERR TOO MANY REDIRECTS

Hey @cloonan. Thanks for the reply. I finally figured out that Disable Universal SSL was enabled. I disabled the setting and it started working. SSL is set to Full Strict per the wpengine instructions.

I’m still troubleshooting some of the mixed media issues but the big question I have is when I use an SSL checker on my URL it’s showing the Cloudflare certificate and not the Let’s Encrypt cert from Wp Engine. Is this correct? WP Engine doesn’t mention this in the documentation.

That’s correct. Cloudflare is a proxy server, so visitors hit the Cloudflare server with the certificate CF issued for your domain. The proxy server hits your web server that has the Let’s Encrypt certificate so that connection is secure as well.

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Thanks. That makes sense, just wanted to make sure it’s correct.

Now I’m trying to fix error 526 when you got to the www version of my site. Is this because I don’t have a certificate for www? The edge certificates configured in Cloudflare are for tecinv.com, *.tecinv.com (2 hosts). Is there something else I need o be looking at?

Is it better just to set some sort of redirect from the www domain to the non www domain?

Ah, yes. Your origin server apparently doesn’t have a certificate for the www.

So add a Page Rule here to match www.tecinv.com/* (don’t put http or https in front) and set a Forwarding URL (Code 301) to https://tecinv.com/$1 (the $1 will forward the path as well).

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Perfect! Thanks for all of the help guys!

Last thing I’m having problems with is I can’t get the lock to show when you visit the site. It will show when I’m in wp-admin but not on the website. I’ve ran several mixed media SSL checkers and they come back clean. Is there another tool available that allows me to take a deeper look into SSL issues?

This report shows one image loading over HTTP:


Nice! I was able to update the file and fix it. This community has been awesome! Thanks for all of the help.


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