Wpengine showing original domain Site not the Published domain o

My origin domain is hopzero2.wpengine.com

The domain cflare should be serving is hopzero.com


We recently moved staging to prod, could the cloudflare plugin need some api update?

It sounds like WPEngine still thinks that’s your domain name. What domain shows up in Wordpress -> Settings -> General for the site URLs?

Hey thanks! The problem was in wpengine, when they moved our site from legacy staging to prod it left the urls on their internal urls, not the hopzero urls… wpengine support fixed all the urls and it started working great.

I have numerous questions about Cloudflare, like, why are my cache hits so few for a mainly static site?

The origin gives everything to Cloudflare.

Cloudflare caches it

Cloudflare CDN’s it

Users should have almost 100% cached content from Cloudflare and it is like 10% or less.

Any ideas?

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