WPEngine GES with Cloudflare not propagating CNAME

I recently purchased GES security from WPEngine and followed all of the steps to configure the DNS with Cloudflare but for some reason Cloudflare is not propagating the CNAME records.

All of my domains are with Godaddy so I have updated the nameservers to Cloudflare and that all now is fine. I then added the CNAME records to Cloudfare’s DNS but no matter how long I wait or if I select proxy or DNS only the records just don’t work. I’ve tested on whatsmydns.net and get red x’s next to everything to do with CNAME but A records are working (even though I have none setup).

I spoke with Godaddy and WPEngine support who have both said everything is configured correctly so I’d need to speak with Cloudflare. I then tried opening a ticket which then said that they can’t help and I need to come to the community support… pretty much being thrown around like a Hacky Sack now lol… can ANYONE please help?

One of the domains for example is waspeling.com

If the record is :orange: Proxied, it will appear as an “A” record. You need to edit it to set it to :grey: DNS Only.

If the record is the root domain, like your waspeling example (no ‘www’ in front), you can not CNAME the naked domain, so Cloudlfare will force it to be an “A” record.


Thanks sdayman, I just read up about that and see what you mean.

The issue though is if CNAME is not being used at root level then WPEngine’s GES does not work. Speaking to them they are just sending me back to Cloudflare and saying its has to be at root level.

I’m shocked it has to be at root level, as it’s not RFC compliant (as stated in my link). That’s just not feasible. I suggest you push back harder, as they’re either mistaken, or they have a workaround.

Is this because your canonical URL is the root domain? You may have to switch to using ‘www’ for the canonical, and use Cloudflare to redirect naked domain to ‘www’.

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Okay cool I will do. Thanks so much for you help… I will push them on a fix :slight_smile:

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