Wpengine + Cloudflare Pro

I can’t tell if I can use Cloudflare Pro with the Advanced Network on wpengine. WpEngine comes with some sort of Cloudflare integration but we’d like more control and hence are considering getting our own account with Cloudflare.

:+1: I’d say that’s the best way to go. Individually, CF account not being integrated/connected with some 3rd-party integrator/hosting partner, despite they might offer some combined things and possibly better. However, there were some issues and topics around.

Unfortunately, I cannot write and speak since I haven’t tried myself this sort of the combination yet.

My best guess is, you can always point from a 3rd-party DNS management service to WPEngine, meaning you can have a Cloudflare Pro plan for your domain name which is then pointed to WPEngine WordPress Website while not using their Cloudflare integration.

Furthermore, I would like to share articles which might help you a bit:

Maybe this one:

And this seems to have more information, since it contains “Polish” and stuff which Pro plan offers - maybe it is some kind of a “mix” plan they’re offerring :thinking:

Possibly the best way to write to the WPEngine chat support or wait for another reply here.

Thanks a lot. I did read those resources and the reason I posted here is because it says
“Cloudflare partners with WP Engine to provide WP Engine customers’ websites with Cloudflare’s performance and security benefits. Cloudflare’s Enterprise plans are still available for WP Engine customers that choose to use their own Cloudflare accounts to proxy web traffic. For those customers, enabling Cloudflare with your own account in addition to WP Engine’s Cloudflare benefits is called Orange-to-Orange (O2O

Enabling O2O is only available on the Cloudflare Enterprise plan.

Source: https://developers.cloudflare.com/support/third-party-software/content-management-system-cms/using-cloudflare-with-wp-engine/

So it would appear to me that I cannot use my own Cloudflare PRO Plan with wpengine.

Actually you can - WPEngine support can switch your domain to legacy network option and after you update your DNS you can use CF Pro and manage on your own.