wpDataTables stuck in spinning circle

Running a WP site with wpDataTables and Cloudflare and experience the next:

After a flush the table works fine but after a short period it get’s stuck in spinning circle until I flush the site again?

Does anyone have a solution for this problem…

What makes you think this is Cloudflare related?

Also, whats the URL?

I was thinking about Cloudflare because ‘before Cloudflare’ this problem did not occur at all.


Is loading fine for me, nothing spinning.

If it keeps spinning on your end, I’d debug the JavaScript code.

Thank you sandro, to be honest today I changed a setting in the cache plugin, before this page got cached, today I told litespeed-cache plugin to not cache this page, maybe that is a fix. With litespeed-cache plugin and all pages cached it worked a-okay, in combination with Cloudflare I got the spinning circle a day or two after a flush.

In that case it appears it was a local issue.

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