WP Website not reachable after NS change

Hey guys, our wordpress site (front- & backend) is down after changing the given nameserver info from Cloudflare at the end of the starting setup. i followed the setup steps as told. at least i hope i did :slight_smile:

Domainname: road-rebel.de

our host is: strato.de

when i use “whois” from “denic”, it tells me that the nameservers are the ones from Cloudflare.

haven’t changed any settings unser the tabs, because the site is not functioning.

Info from overview tab:
status: active
security level: medium
ssl: full (under cryto says certificate is active)
caching level: standard
dev mode: disabled

under speed nothing is minified nor mobile links or rocket loader are on.

can you please help me? my boss will kill me soon, if i can’t resolve the issue :slight_smile:

switch to Cloudflare nameserver is about 5-6 hours ago, but it always said, there will be no downtimes.

my hoster said everything is working fine on their side, it could just take a day or two until all nameservers gone their way through the internet.

You have something wrong at your server, I get 404 HTTP error

Thanks for your reply, but what could be wrong with the server? Or what can i do to fix this?

I don’t know if this helps, but my hoster told me, that the ip of our site isn’t static and therefore changes quite often.

my server config shows this (translations are in red):

Thanks in advance

That’s the source of problem

hey xaq,

thanks for your quick reply. is there is no workaround for that?

the wordpress-plugin from Cloudflare can’t do anything to resolve this? i wans’t able to try it because after name server change, my backend wasn’t accessible.

or is the only option to get a static ip?

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A 404 is an error from your server. What’s your domain?

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Right now, your site is not using Cloudflare, so there’s not much troubleshooting we can do from our end.

If you switch it back to Cloudflare for a bit, someone can take a look pretty quickly.

I can not use it right now because I got 404 error and if you help, I will activate it

Go ahead and activate it. I’ll be around.

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I’m checking DNS for when it goes back to Cloudflare. I’ll let you know what I find.

You don’t need to buy the $200 plan to block DDOS attacks. The free plan should work pretty well…unless they are bypassing Cloudflare. Then that would need some other steps.

For now, keep it set to use Cloudflare’s servers. You don’t need to change Name Servers back and forth. You can “pause” Cloudflare to go back to your old setup.

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I’m still waiting for DNS to change. It might take an hour or so.

As I said earlier, instead of switching nameservers, you can go to Cloudflare’s Overview page and click on Advanced so you can “Pause” Cloudflare instead of switching back to the Rzone name servers. That should be faster and easier for troubleshooting.

DNS is finally up to date. And I’m stumped.

Yes, it’s showing a 404 for the main site. It was working earlier when you had the old name servers set. Here’s where it gets weird:

  • dig @ the old name servers turns up 0 answers (I wish I tried this before the change)
  • curl --resolve to the original IP address turns up a 404 error at www and non-www

Can you go to Cloudflare’s Overview page and use Advanced Options to Pause the domain?

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