WP website goes in a loop with cloudflare

I have completed the setup, wordpress website with WP fastest cache premium plugin, and everything was looking great, speed was significantly improved but mobile still slow yet improved, after one hour, the website was inaccessible and seems in a loop trigering Sitelock blockage, after many hours, no matter what I tried to change on bluehost or Cloudflare nothing worked, until I disabled and paused Cloudflare, things went back to normal. I need to hear back ASAP. Thank you


In many cases cause redirect loops and other problems when a WordPress site is first added to Cloudflare is caused by SSL. Please review the Community Tutorial below to make sure your site is secure :lock: before adding it back to Cloudflare. In case this sounds too complicated, you may want to use a plugin such as Really Simple SSL to help you in the process.