WP Touch Settings with CloudFlare


Am somewhat new to Cloudflare, and am hoping this is the correct place to ask.

I utilized WP Touch Pro to create a mobile version of the WordPress Site. There is a setting that asks us to insert the CDNs we use, utilizing a specific url format: https://cdn/mysite.com

The WP Touch Pro team said that Cloudflare should know the proper url to use and was wondering if someone can help confirm the url format for Cloudflare would be https://Cloudflare/mysite.com

Thank you for your help.

TG (Austin, Texas)

What does this setting do?

I dont think so. Where did you get this information from? Cloudflare basically mirrors your site.


The is a mobile caching setting feature in WP Touch Pro (the add-on is called Power Pack), there is an area that asks to include CDNs being used for the website.

I received the information directly from WP Touch Pro support team, they mentioned that the Cloudflare team would be able to confirm and/or provide the correct url format to use.

I am not familiar with that piece of software. Can you explain what that settings exactly does and requires?

You can contact their support, but if they are not familiar with it either they wont be able to confirm anything either. As I wrote, Cloudflare mirrors your site, so any URL should contain your host.

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