WP Tab Widget not working with Cloudflare


I have just switched my Wordpress site to Cloudflare and everything seems to be working great, except for one widget: WP Tab WIdget,
Although it works well when I preview the site, when it is in working I only receive: “Unable to load tab content” information.
On my other site, that I did not switch to Cloudflare, everything works fine.
My website is https://viajamosporelmundo.pl
The widget is supposed to load at the top of the left Sidebar.

Any idea how to solve it?


Since that site isn’t on Cloudflare right now, I can’t check, but if you’re using Rocket Loader from the Speed section of the Cloudflare Dashboard, disable Rocket Loader and see if that fixes it.

Yes, I disabled Cloudflare for a while to make sure that it has something to do with the switch. I will come back here as soon as I check it.

The problem seems to be not related to cloudflare. I will look into it to see what happened.

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