WP Supercache Suddenly Breaks


I’ve been using WP Supercache with Cloudflare for a few weeks now and it was working fine. Suddenly, today, caching broke. I turned on development mode on Cloudflare and tried disabling WP Supercache on my two broken sites. Disabled everything was fine but the second it was enabled again both sites broke.

Pictures were missing. One site showed more like a mobile look on a laptop (there was just the word menu at the top left instead of the menu items across the bottom of the header). On another site the mobile version had issues with the menu not opening.

I’m not sure if this is a Cloudflare issue or a WP Supercache issue. Anyone know if an update broke supercache but wouldn’t be noticed until Cloudflare caching caught up with it? Just not sure what to think.



Missing images doesn’t sound like a caching issue. What’s the domain?


northshoremusic.ca and mtechservices.ca They are both working fine now but I had to turn off caching in the WP Supercache settings. If I turn it back on then it breaks again.

That’s why I’m thinking that a plugin update broke things but wasn’t noticed until caching with Cloudflare caught up.

I can recreate the problem by putting Cloudflare into development mode so that I can see changes right away and simply enabling caching in wp supercache.


Since it’s not broken, I can’t take a look, but what I would do is use a browser’s Dev Tools to watch the Console log and the Network tab. Those would show server errors and misconfigurations.


Thanks. I’m now fairly convinced that the problem is with WP Supercache because as soon as I enable it things break. Since I haven’t made any changes on the 2 sites in over a week other than update some plugins, either the update to supercache broke it or an update to one of the other plugins broke supercache.

I did contact my hosting provider and they checked everything and could not find any issues and saw the same thing that I was seeing.


You could also try the following.

  1. Place Cloudflare in to Development Mode
  2. Flush the Cloudflare Cache
  3. Reset the SuperCache plugin
  4. Slowly re-enable the SuperCache features until you find what broke it.

It’s important to flush the SuperCache and your Browser caches after each tweak and recommend checking Do not cache while in Dev Tools option.

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