WP Supercache Delete Cache Top Bar Button Broken

On the Admin side of WP we are having a new issue since updating wordpress. The Delete Cache Button at the top of the page bar once logged in, it no longer works, just refreshes the page. You can still clear cache by going into Settings > Wp Super Cache > Delete Cache. Clicking Delete Cache at the top used to take you right there. Can we set up that link again?

To be clear, the button at the top circled here should take you to the page circled below in the same screenshot

If a Wordpress update broke it I dont know why this should be related to Cloudflare.

May you should open a ticket for them. Cloudflare can not reprogram other plugins etc.

No screenshots provided.

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I was recommended to ask here if it was still compatible is all. Thank you!

Cloudflare does not keep track of, if one of the thousand available plugins are compatible with it. Like I said: this is the job of the developers/maintainers of the plugin.

I use it too … but I am afraid this is not a Cloudflare issue at all.

I remember it just “refreshes” the page → for which I assume it deletes/purges the “html” cached file for that particular URL (webpage) in the background (would have to check this from the code review first).

If you inspect the URL, it contains action=delcachepage and path=path, so it deletes the Page Cache (HTML) for that particular URL (page) on which you are currently located when logged-in

Otherwise, I always go to admin dashboard → Settings → WP Super Cache and from there I “delete expired” and “delete cache”.

Once you are on the admin dashboard, right?
It’s working fine for me and opens straight the Settings → WP Super Cache → Contents tab.

What URL do you see there when you hover (mouseover) it?

Yes, it is compatible with Cloudflare as far as I am using it on 10+ Websites.

There are even tips how to configure the plugin when we are using Cloudflare for our domain too:

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