[WP] Setting cookieless domain broke icons on site

So I setup a subdomain static.domain.com and pointed the root to domain/wp-content

Put the right stuff in wp-config and ran a SQL string to replace old content. All worked fine, images now going through static.domain.com except al the icons on the front-end of WP and most on the back-end just show a square now.

How can I fix this, what did I miss?


You’d have to check your browser’s Dev Tools for the URL and figure out why it’s not working.

Or just go back to the standard configuration. There’s rarely a solid reason to go cookieless.

Im still knew to the whole CDN/Cloudflare stuff. But I was under the impression to improve performance you feed static content through a subdomain that is pointed to my wp-content folder.

Also read several times on this community it’s was a better option to load images and stuff from the subdomain but maybe I interpret it wrong.

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