WP Rocket RUCSS Bots


We are using the WP Rocket and their Removed Unused CSS feature which sends BOTS to the website. However, since we are using the CF PRO, when the BAD BOTS fighting mode is enabled, it is also blocking the WPR-RUCSS bots. Is there a way to add an exception in the BAD BOTS mode?

PS: We have already added their IP address in the IP Access Rule to allow their bots.


Thank you for asking.

I remember there were topics about WP Rocket + Cloudflare, therefore I suggest you to look up at the below articles in that terms just in case if you’d have some issue later - but you might not have or experience them. Some do, so I’d just like to share them below in case if happens in future:

Great if you added their IPs from the suggested article from above.

Are those coming from he origin host/server itself running by the WP-Cron or the plugin?

However, may I ask if you’ve tried by adding your origin host/web server (hosting) IP to the Security → WAF → Tools → IP Access Rules with the action “allow” for your website too?, as far as the plugin itself and WP-Cron might get triggered too :thinking:

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