WP Rocket Plugin Won't Connect

Cloudflare cache purge error: Could not route to /zones/v1.0-6603f07014aa0c1db6ffdec8-9b50a7f3770392e8b2be6baae415b4ba4fd58802202d4af446635c7c4268af57b8a188f6cd9d979c150fac325649d0fec4602b0be039129f1a151e9c2c1ddb6148041d69e9e9ba/purge_cache, perhaps your object identifier is invalid?, No route for that URI

I have the wp rocket plugin and I’m trying to connect via the api keys but get this error. Can someone help and tell me why?

Whatever this is, it’s not close to a zone ID. A zone id is a 32-character string that looks like aca85404219d0f2553d769dd1005efa3. This is probably a problem somewhere in the config or settings.

ok thanks how do I change the settings?

My bad; I meant WP rocket settings. The Zone ID it’s sending isn’t a valid zone ID. There is probably some setting where you enter the zone ID, but i’m not familiar with the plugin.

yes there is but I got the zone id from Cloudflare api

Your zone ID can be found on the overview page of your domain:


As for where you put that in WP rocket settings, i’m not sure.

strange I have

API Keys

Keys used to access Cloudflare APIs.

Global API Key ChangeView
Origin CA Key

But no Zone Id

found it on the home page thank you for your help!!!

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