WP Rocket is showing the notice!

The following scheduled event failed to run. This may indicate the CRON system is not running properly, which can prevent some WP Rocket features from working as intended:

  • Scheduled Cache Purge

Please contact your host to check if CRON is working.

What is the solution of it?

Seems that this is not Cloudflare related.
Please contact your host if you don’t know how to check if your local cron jobs are running or not.

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I contacted my host. They told me that this problem is for Cloudflare.

Cloudflare doesn’t host your site. It’s a proxy service.

The only things possible are:

  • (i doubt) that you’re blocking or challenging your host with a firewall rule here from accessing itself via it’s domain. Check the firewall logs in your Cloudflare dashboard.
  • If you’re using Cloudflare’s API within your Plugin, there’s something wrong. API Key or token and it’s permissions.

I doubt because the first in is only done when preloading a specific page after it has been purged. The preload is done by

// Preload page 
wp_remote_get ('https://example.com/page');

Since this error is very generic, grab logs from your server, and search the audit and Ffrewall logs in your Cloudflare dashboard.

But i still doubt that this is a Cloudflare related issue.

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