WP Rocket IP and URL in firewall

WP Rocket says I have to allow IP addresses and URLs https://docs.wp-rocket.me/article/1628-which-ip-do-i-need-to-allow-for-wp-rocket.

But don’t understand where should I add them.

Security → Firewall → Tools → IP Access Rules.
Security → Firewall rules

Wherever I’m trying to add ips in Security → Firewall → Tools → IP Access Rules. can’t add this ip 2001:41d0:307:1100::/56 .

What would be to rules (Field > Operator > Value) to add urls in Security → Firewall rules

You can use any of the two you mention, the one may have some limitations that the other one doesn’t, or allow for more addresses/spaces to be added, and so on.

Should allow 50,000 rules, of either “allow” or “block”.

Works like this documentation, and/or limitations (e.g. see Important remarks)

On the Free Cloduflare zone, you have a limit of 5 rules, with a limit of being 4 KB (often giving around 4’000 text characters).

Some people are for example interested in dividing things in to different rules, so that the Rule name makes sense for what it’s actually doing, e.g.:

→ Allow my own networks
→ Allow WP Rocket IP addresses
→ Block country Germany (DE).
→ Managed Challenge for continent Antarctica (AN).
→ JS Challenge for continent Asia (AS).
→ […]

So for a such thing, you would maybe easily run out of the amount of rules you have.

If you are trying to aggregate things together, you could eventually hit the 4 KB limit.

When I’m trying to add that one, I’m getting the error:

I guess you need to ask WP Rocket how exactly they want their URL to be whitelisted.

I would personally kill that idea about whitelisting by URL, even if possible, and stick only to the IP whitelist.

Click “Edit expression”, and put in this expression, instead of the one that is there:

(ip.src in { 2001:41d0:306:2ab4::/64 2001:41d0:306:2611::/64 2001:41d0:403:5c58::/64 2607:5300:203:a613::/64 2607:5300:203:a5d3::/64 2607:5300:203:a8c2::/64 2607:5300:203:a8e9::/64 2607:5300:203:b03e::/64 2607:5300:203:988b::/64 2607:5300:203:9ed7::/64 2001:41d0:307:1100::/56 2001:41d0:403:3b52::/64 2001:41d0:700:4e82::/64 2001:41d0:306:1b45::/64 2001:41d0:700:6ae7::/64 2001:41d0:203:b0e1::/64 2001:41d0:203:b13f::/64 2607:5300:203:9be7::/64 2607:5300:203:9ed9::/64})

and you will have all their current (as of 2023-03-02 @ 13:09 CET / 12:09 UTC) IP addresses whitelisted.

Great explanation. Your free support is much better than WP Rocket paid support. I have asked them same question they didn’t provide any solution. Rather they told me to ask cloudfare community.

I guess you need to ask WP Rocket how exactly they want their URL to be whitelisted.

I’ve asked them this question before posting here. So, asking them again will result nothing.

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