Wp rocket error

Hello I get this error regarding CSS Generation

  • Non è stato possibile generare il CSS critico per home. Errore: Cloudflare protection prevents the service from accessing the website. Please allow list these IP addresses in your Cloudflare account: and If that doesn’t help, please ask Cloudflare’s support to allow access to our tool.

Seems familiar due to WP Rocket and Cloudflare.

You can try adding them to IP Access Rules and/or Firewall Rules with option “bypass” or “allow”, as suggested at Cloudflare dashboard for your domain.

  • Firewall → Tools → IP Access rules section
  • Firewall → Firewall Rules

Firewall Rule:
(ip.src in {})

IP access rule:

Kindly, see below few articles what to check regarding troubleshooting and how to get it fixed:

Maybe you need to allow Cloudflare IP addresses to connect to your origin host/server, or ask your hosting provider to check if Cloudflare is allowed.

To do so, kindly follow the steps from the article below:

The Cloudflare IP address list can be found on the below link:

Nevertheless, maybe you need to configure the true IP as a return IP from the visitor?

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