WP Rocket & CloudFlare


Does the Cloudflare services work also when my plugin on wordpress is “OFF”? How?
If I activte the plugin I get an error message that WP Rocket can’t work with Cloudflare and it asks me
to turn it “OFF”.


If you are using Cloudflare APO then no, WP Rocket is not supported

Cloudflare recommends turning off plugins such as WP Rocket Cache Plugin, W3 Total Cache, or similar plugins when first setting up APO. After confirming APO is working, we recommend testing whether turning on the plugins listed above improves results or causes unexpected behavior. In many cases, using APO along with other caching plugins can cause unexpected results.

If you must use it, turn it off when you first setup ApO and test its benefits after.

If you are not using Cloudflare APO, WP Rocket should work fine.