WP Rocket & Cloudflare : firewall bug?

Hi everyone,

I have a Wordpress site, with WP Rocket pluging (with the Cloudflare add-on, with API key and Zone ID configured).

When, on WP Rochet, I try to create the “critical CSS”, WP Rocket shows me an error which seems to be related to Cloudflare:

I then changed the Firewall rules on Cloudflare, as the following print screen shows. But the WP Rocket error keeps coming. How can I solve this ?

Thanks a lot for your advices,



Try whitelisting these addresses at https://dash.cloudflare.com/redirect?zone=firewall/tools instead.

Hi Sandro,

Sorry, I forgot to mention, but I had already done this on the firewall/tools:

In this case it should work. Could you have any other rules which block these requests? Check your firewall log.

Hi Sandro, indeed it seems it had nothing to do with Cloudflare, after all.

How I managed to find out:

  1. I disabled Cloudflare (bypassing Cloudflare on the DNS options)
  2. Launch again WP-Rocket : the pluging had an issue because it could not access https://5aconseil.com/equipe/equipe (it was a portfolio category page, with a wrong 301 redirection on it)
  3. I fix the wrong redirection
  4. I set Cloudflare back on

… and now everything works perfect again, thanks a lot !

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