WP Rocket Bugs When Caching Full Site


How we can I avoid caching the WP dashboard or plugins? I use a Page Rule in Cloudflare mydomain.com/wp-content/uploads/ and mydomain.com/wp-json

Today I changed that page rule to cache everything under that domain, and then plugins started to give problems. I was very hard to update anything and see those changes.

I also had WP Rocket cache logged in users, which I unchecked now. I have WP Rocket IP whitelisted in CF, BTW, and cron jobs to run each hour in Siteground (for quick tests).

If I purge the cache in Cloudflare, problems go away but return right after with WP Rocket not able to create Critical Path CSS files, and sending me to a blank page “The link you followed has expired.”

Thanks in advance!

That’s generally a risky Page Rule. Unless you’re on a Business or Enterprise plan that lets you Bypass Cache on Cookies, your best bet is APO. It’s free on paid plans, and $5/month on free plans.

Otherwise, I suggest you not use Cache Everything for the entire site.

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