WP multisite on gandi with cloudflare DNS

Hello all

my goal is, setting up a WordPress multisite network on gandi simple hosting instance based on subdomains. Everything works as expected, as long as i don’t create another sub-site, the first error i got was “vhost does not exist”, ok creating a vhost, since reading that Cloudflare does not allow wildcard entries “Unless you’re an Enterprise customer,”, so i created a new CNAME daddyruffneck, now its pointing to the default page of the vhost daddyruffneck.baybroadcast.uk but not to the WordPress subdomain at daddyruffneck.baybroadcast.uk
Any ideas ? Thanks

You can set up wildcard DNS here. It just won’t be proxied through Cloudflare. This should help you get started.

Once you set up that vhost, add a real DNS subdomain entry here so you can set it to :orange:. A real DNS entry will respond before the wildcard entry.

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