WP migration - Stuck

I’m using WP migration to restore my site from a back-up. It’s stuck at 97%. Is there something I need to do on the Cloudflare hosting side?



Thank you for asking.

My best guess is the Cloudflare timeout happened, either I blieve the PHP process continued executing in the background, or rather throwing some errors in the Developer Console (F12) of your Web browser while sending/receiving XHR (Ajax) requests? :thinking:

To avoid any interruptions, I’d suggest you before starting this process, to either use “Pause Cloudflare for this website” option from Cloudflare dashboard, or temporary switch the DNS records like A www and A domain.com (or CNAME if using CNAME setup) from :orange: (proxied) to :grey: (DNS-only, unproxied).

Upon success, un-pause or switch them back to make sure Cloudflare is working for your website.

Kindly, ensure your Website is working over HTTPS before/after moving to Cloudflare to avoid any possible issues and errors in the meantime.

Nevertheless, just in case double-check your PHP values (like max_execution_time, memory_limit …) and check your error.log file for any possible clues, if so.

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Thank you!! I already started it and it’s stuck at 97%, so I feel a little stuck now

If you have access, you could also use WP-CLI to backup/restore stuff. Have a look at Using WP-CLI to migrate/copy your site (rocketgeek.com) for some info about that.

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