WP Main confliction with cloudflare

I manage all my sites with MainWP. But there seems to be an issue with Cache Purgng Cloudflare.

This is the messages from Error Logs

Cloudflare => There was an issue purging the cache. null-{“code”:7003,“message”:“Could not route to /client/v4/zones/purge_cache, perhaps your object identifier is invalid?”}

Can you look into this for me?

Welcome to the Cloudflare Community. :logodrop:

I use MainWP and Cloudflare, but do not recognize the screen you have shared. Is it from Cloudflare or MainWP? What are you doing that gets you to that screen? Has the action worked differently for you in the past or has it never worked as expected? Have you posted in the MainWP Community about this?

Hi, Thanks for your response. Yes this is WP main screen if you go here

Sites=>Performance=>cache control=>logs

You will see what I meant. its working for some sites but for mostly not. and yes I have reached to wpmain support they said its from cloudflare?

can you let me know if there is any solution to this?

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I cannot. Now that you show the section from the MainWP dashboard, I vaguely recall the introduction of that extension but I don’t use it. I do have a paid MainWP, so I can add that extenstion if it isn’t already installed. I’ll take a look at mine later today.

I see it requires the use of a Cloudflare global API key rather than a token. Do you have valid credentials configured?

I searched an error code in the response shown and found this reply concerning the path used in the API call.

I am seeing additional search results suggesting that error 7003 is returned for an invalid path. Is there somewhere that extension might be missing some required configuration details?

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