Wp-login.php redirecting to homepage with cloud proxie on

We have numerous WordPress websites on Cloudflare. With the cloud “on” we are seeing attempts to login to the backend of wordpress are redirecting to the website home page. In other words, when you enter proper credentials on https://website.com/wp-login.php, we get redirected to the home page, https://website.com.

You have have caching set too aggressively. What’s the domain?

Many sites having same issue. Examples are:

That last one isn’t proxied by Cloudflare, so in that case, it’s definitely not a Cloudflare problem (unless you just set it it to bypass Cloudflare).

The other ones don’t show anything that makes me think it’s a Cloudflare caching issue.

Have you tried a different browser or resetting your browser’s cache and cookies?

I did just set the last one to bypass.

Tried diff browser and incognito mode. Made no recent changes to Cloudflare. It is a cPanel server. I Am updating the kernel and going to reboot.

The kernel update and reboot did not solve the problem.

It looks like it was mod security. Will tweak the offending rule. Thanks

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