WP login Issues (DNS)

Trying to login to WP admin panel I get ‘‘ERROR: An error was encountered while trying to authenticate. Please try again’’. Trying to login from Plesk Panel of my host I get ''405 Not Allowed’’. I have not changed anything from my last login. Please advise.


This is likely coming from the origin, and not Cloudflare.

But you can easily test this: temporarily disable the Cloudflare proxy :orange: (ie change DNS to :grey: mode) and test your site. If the problem persists, then it’s from either your Plesk server or WordPress setup… and not Cloudflare.

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Thank you GeorgeAppiah.
It was working perfectly for years now…
But I did disable the proxy to check and them I had problem with the SSL certificate.
The thing is that now, after some time, I tried again to login and it worked (proxy enabled).
So it must have been something temporary from Cloudflare.
Thanks anyway.

Then you need to fix this first. A site needs to work fine on HTTPS before you use Cloudflare, otherwise you have exactly these issues.

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